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Plumbing plays a vital role in our daily well-being. From the arrival of clean water to the evacuation of all waste liquids, functional plumbing is the guarantee of a better life hygiene. However, the quality of a plumbing system is closely linked to the quality of the materials used and the know-how of the professional who takes care of it.

Since 2014, Assist Riviera has been offering a range of services for the installation or replacement of plumbing in your home. As plumbing specialists in Fayence, Montauroux, we had a team of experts ready to intervene at any time to satisfy your needs.

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    Plumbing system design & installation

    Installation of the sanitary facilities

    Pipework repair & installation

    Boiler installations

    Water filtration systems

    Under floor heating

    Plumbing work for high-end property

    Our company is made up of professionals who are able to carry out all the work that is essential for comfort in your home. We proceed to the installation of your water network and all the equipment necessary for its optimal functioning. You can trust us for the installation of taps, showers, installation of a swimming pool of bathtubs, kitchen equipment. We can boast of being professionals in the Italian shower, a trendy and modern shower suitable for any space.

    Always on the lookout for the latest technology, our design office will be able to offer you the best on the market. In the event that your previous installations are faulty, we are able to effectively locate the malfunctions in order to carry out relevant troubleshooting. Nothing escapes our experienced team. Count on us for the repair of your plumbing sanitary. Apart from leaks, our company also intervenes in more complex cases relating to pipes.

    Do you want to give your bathroom or kitchen a facelift? Entrust us with your bathroom renovation project. According to your preferences, we will bring the magic touch that was missing in your spaces. You will find a transformed bathroom and kitchen, thought out with meticulousness to make you want to spend time in it. Thanks to the creativity of our experts, you will benefit from turnkey solutions.

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    Bathroom design office in Montauroux and Fayence

    Seriousness and reliability and skills allow us to satisfy the requirements of our customers in the smallest details. Over the years, we have surrounded ourselves with experienced technicians whose skills match our values and vision. We send courteous people to your home who are ready to listen and answer any questions about the work to be done. In addition, you can count on our responsiveness in addressing your concerns in a timely manner.

    We do not set arbitrary prices. Before any work is carried out, we carry out a diagnosis in order to determine precisely the techniques to be used in your case. You have the possibility to obtain a clear and detailed estimate of all the elements related to the service. We also offer a free, no-obligation quotation that will allow you to estimate the costs so that you can better prepare for the work.

    At Assist Riviera, we provide quality services to ensure the longevity of the installations. We use top-of-the-range parts, reliable values that last over time. In the case of a bathroom renovation, we select robust and designer materials.

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    Our skills extend to heating and air conditioning parameters that should not be neglected to increase your quality of life.

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