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It is already a joy to live at home. What a pleasure it is to feel, on the way, at the idea of finding one’s cocoon! But after a few years, the need for renovation becomes obvious. Some of the furniture, the facades and the paintwork look a bit old-fashioned. But beware, you should not entrust the renovation of your home to the first person, but rather to experts who have already proven themselves. If you live in Valbonne, our specialists are at your disposal to offer you services in strict compliance with your requirements.

It is good to renovate your interior. But it’s even better to be able to save money during the work.

Attic insulation

It does not seem to be important. However, its importance is remarkable in the winter period. It allows you to keep the heat in your home while saving on your energy consumption.

The insulation of the outside walls and the insulation of the floors

The freshness is intense in winter. Insulating walls and floors will allow you to reduce your energy consumption and enjoy good indoor comfort.

The production of hot water and heating

Always with a view to limiting your expenses, our experts offer you cheaper alternatives with the new means of hot water production and heating, which comply with the environmental standards. Contact us in Valbonne via our website or our page Facebook to benefit from our services and sound advice.

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    Once you’ve settled in and gotten your bearings, you often hesitate to opt for a renovation. The fear of losing a certain level of comfort sets in. However, change is the best way to transform your home into a paradise. It is therefore useless to postpone the deadline, as the cost of the work can rise. A well done interior renovation can increase the value of your home on the real estate market. If you are thinking of reselling it in the short term, then this is a sure-fire jackpot.
    gains on your energy consumption.

    Based on our experiences, we can see that many people have the desire to renovate the interior of their home, but lack the inspiration to carry out their project. In other words, they don’t know how to go about it and procrastinate. In the end, they abandon the project. Which is a shame. To make up for this moment of doubt, our company offers the residents of Valbonne, an advisory opinion by indicating the best solutions available to them. To do so, we show them the most profitable work they can do. An approach that leads the client to prioritize the work according to their priorities.

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    Gains on your energy consumption

    In the process of renovating your home, the energy aspect is crucial. Indeed, redoing the insulation of your house, changing the ventilation system, etc. are all beneficial works for you in that they will allow you to rearrange your space in the most beautiful way. As you can imagine, these various changes are subsidised by the state as part of the energy transition. This is a windfall not to be missed, because in addition to benefiting from these reductions, you make huge savings on your energy bills.

    A growing family circle

    The other factor that forces you to renovate your home is the arrival of a new member to the family. A child is certainly the most beautiful achievement for a couple. It is therefore normal to welcome your baby in better conditions and offer him/her a comfort worthy of the Garden of Eden.
    To all this, you must add the desire to be unique. Don’t forget it! The basic idea behind a renovation is the personalisation of your home. It must resemble you and reflect your tastes, your inclinations, in short your personality. You must therefore be meticulous in your choice of service provider.

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    Why should you choose us for your interior renovation?

    Working regularly in Valbonne, our company has been able to forge its brand image through the quality of its services. Our team of experts is made up of highly knowledgeable specialists who will bend over backwards to meet your requirements. They are on hand for interior renovation, interior design and custom-made furniture, whether for a flat or a house. Indeed, in order to assert itself on the competitive market, our company has brought together the best players for your work. Thus, you will not have several interlocutors for the different compartments of your house, whether it is the kitchen, the bathroom, the tiling, the painting and others.

    Our experts take into account your budget and your wishes in order to offer you the best possible solutions. Our credo is to meet the required quality standards within a short period of time. A major advantage that you won’t find anywhere else. This is one of our trademarks that makes us unique and confirms the testimonials of our customers about us.



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