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Whether it is to equip a new building or during a renovation, the installation of a high-performance heating system is an essential step in improving your thermal comfort. Regardless of the type of equipment you choose, it is best to call on a professional for the installation of the heating system. What is the point of having a heating company intervene? How to estimate the cost of its service? In this guide, we will try to elucidate these two points.

Before the installation of the boiler, a thermal study, which aims to study the heat losses of the house, is essential. With this diagnosis, you will be able to find the appropriate solution for the installation of the boiler. Call on Assist Riviera, your boiler installation specialist in Monaco, to take advantage of comprehensive and personalised services, adapted to your expectations.

If you wish to have a heat pump installed for heating and hot water production, Assist Riviera has the know-how to assess your needs and find the right solution.

For a comfortable interior and enough hot water in winter, our professionals can install a boiler or heat pump. As installations differ according to the model, our heat pump and boiler installation specialists in Monaco will help you choose the most suitable system.

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    Even if you have some DIY skills, you should not venture to install a heating appliance yourself. This is a risky operation, as your boiler may be faulty as a result of incorrect handling. Furthermore, you will not benefit from a guarantee in case of a breakdown. To be protected from these inconveniences, it is strongly recommended that you contact a professional for the installation of a heating system in Monaco.

    Whether it is a question of choosing a boiler for a co-ownership or for an apartment, a specialist is able to direct you towards the equipment that meets your needs. It is important to know that the specificities of the appliance depend on the geographical area, the surface area of the dwelling and the energy sources. Whether you live in Monaco or in its neighbouring areas, Assist remains at your disposal.

    Thanks to its expertise, you will benefit from an ultra-efficient and economical villa boiler. To enjoy a real cocoon in winter, the company can also offer you underfloor heating. Hidden under the floor, this heating system has the advantage of being discreet. Moreover, it is compatible with all types of floor coverings. Apart from reducing energy costs, this type of top-of-the-range heating optimises your comfort.

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    How much does it cost to install a heating system?

    To estimate the cost of intervention by a heating engineer, you must take into account the price of equipment and the labour rate. To install a heating system, a household spends between €4,000 and €5,000 excluding VAT according to ANAH estimates. This basic rate can easily be inflated according to the requirements of each user. For example, a solar heating system can cost up to €15,000. The bill could rise to €25,000 to heat a 150 m² living area.
    As far as labour is concerned, a heating engineer usually offers an hourly rate of between €55 and €70. On top of this, the cost of travel is between €20 and €40, depending on the distance from the building site. For the installation of a heating system, the professional sometimes proposes a fixed price. In this case, he includes in his estimate the price of the supply and the cost of labour.

    As each project is different, it is worth asking for an estimate in order to get a good quality/price ratio for your work. By calling on Assist for the installation of your heating system, you can rest assured that you will benefit from a quality service. This will allow you to extend the lifespan of your appliance.

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