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When renovating in a city like Mandelieu, it is important to go for a serious business. This company must be able to provide relevant advice and carry out work with quality materials. However, not all companies are the same. To make your task easier with a turnkey service, Assist-Riviera is at your disposal.

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    A team of professionals

    We have created a local, eco-responsible and competent company that brings innovation and dynamism to your daily life. We specialise in interior work and our mission is to find the right interior design solutions for your home. We assist our clients in all stages of the renovation of a house, a shop, a hotel room, a villa and any other interior space.
    With our experience in high-end renovation, we take into account your requirements to create a cosy and comfortable interior. For us, meticulousness and attention to detail are essential in order to carry out work that meets your expectations. Whether it be plumbing, carpentry, painting or heating, impeccable work is carried out by professionals.
    We are surrounded by several experienced craftsmen, experienced in the task and mastering the latest technologies in their respective fields. High quality materials are combined with efficient working methods to perfectly carry out your projects. Moreover, we offer quality at a reasonable price and accessible to all. Ask for your free quote to estimate the cost of your work without obligation.

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    The ideal company to transform your premises.

    Assist-Riviera provides a variety of high quality services with the aim of completely renovating your home or business premises.

    Space planning

    Whether you are a new owner or you wish to enhance an old house, we can discuss with you the best way to manage your space. Indeed, it is important to take into account the space available to achieve a functional and stylish interior.
    We can reorganise your living room with partitioning, arrange the master bedroom for the installation of a relaxation area, renovate bathrooms or set up storage space. All rooms can be redesigned to meet your needs. We finalise the work by creating and installing custom-made furniture in a pleasant space.

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    Plumbing and heating

    When properly installed, air-conditioning and heating provide invaluable comfort in the home. They will allow you to enjoy a nice coolness on summer nights when the heat is stifling and to spend your days in the warmth during cold periods. To ensure your comfort, we offer you state-of-the-art heating and air conditioning systems. Numerous models are available to guarantee your well-being all year round.
    In addition, we can also take care of pipe breakdowns . Over the years, it is not uncommon for plumbing to become faulty. This confronts you with various situations: incessant leaks or clogged drains. In these cases, a renovation can put all your installations back in order.


    When renovating your home, it is necessary to do some carpentry work. These range from the installation of partitions or parquet flooring to the renovation of doors and windows to increase the energy performance of the dwelling.
    Concerning openings, it is important to master the techniques of total or existing frame removal. One will allow you to gain in brightness and comfort while the other is more accessible without compromising on comfort. Whatever the joinery work to be carried out, we offer you resistant, aesthetic and ecological joinery.

    Masonry and painting

    Masonry work and painting are also part of our range of skills. We rigorously carry out painting, tiling, construction or demolition as part of a renovation. For example, we can intervene in the demolition of load-bearing walls, partition walls, door masonry or the opening of a wall.
    Depending on your needs, we can carry out masonry work such as the creation of a chimney or a concrete staircase. In addition, we choose safe and high quality paints to give character to your interior spaces.


    The renovation also involves electrical work. This allows you to benefit from electricity products from the best energy class. In addition, you will benefit from a fully upgraded system that will provide you with security and functionality. For example, an electrical renovation will allow you to have the necessary number of sockets in the right places. You will no longer have to deploy long extension cords. You will also avoid various situations such as electrocution and fire due to faulty wiring.
    You can count on us to install a home automation system to manage all the telecommunication, computer and electronic tools related to the configuration of your interior spaces.
    Take advantage now of our technical expertise to increase the value of your premises and transform your interior into a haven of peace.


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